About us...

Do you know what best characterizes the Upper Palatinate ?

He is down to earth , honest and draws his ideas against any short-term trend consistently .  We learned this straightforwardness from our parents and we will pass it onto our children. The love of the homeland and the affection for our guests drives us , because the Hölltaler Hof is for us more than a personal life's work , it is the work of generations . The fact that we closed this as " your family Vierling " occur is not just a nice phrase , but above all a clear statement . As the family can come to rest , regain strength and simply being .


In short, without the family it is nearly impossible.

Irmgard & Michael Vierling with Jakob, Ludwig Albert and Teresa

Why the Hölltaler Hof is as it is ? Because we so wish . And exactly this baroque -looking lifestyle we at the service of our guests , but we are , of course, arrived in the third millennium . And of course we let our humor does not take , why should we? We do not go guaranteed laugh in the cellar , but share our joy of life like with the people that surround us .