History of our house

Family Vierling

Our family has lived in Weiden since 1498 and is one of the oldest in town. Among them are:

Johann Vierling (1601-1662)
baker and mayor

Jakob Vierling (1806-1874)
pharmacist and owner of the "Marienapotheke"

Antonie Vierling (1882-1945)
the first female city council, painter

Wilhelm Vierling (1885-1974) akademic artist, who sat on the interior of the Joseph Church in Weiden.

and above all:

Dr. Hermann Vierling (1875-1926)
who bought the farm "Butterhof" and in 1919 the old mill "Höllmühle". Beside the pond of the mill our hotel was built later on.



Our logo


Our logo is a variant of our family coat of armsIt shows in its center a golden Gothic Four on a green background . Unfortunately, we do not know from which year the archetype is .


The hamlet "Oberhöll"


The Villages Oberhöll , Mitterhöll and Unterhöll received their name from the corridor designation "Hölltal" - a wild - romantic valley in which a mill stood : The Höllmühle . This was in 1919 purchased by Dr. Hermann Vierling of the Ziegler family (according to one offspring , she was about 600 years family owned ) and rebuilt in 1936 by his son Albert and managed as a farm . Because of its past , the farm received the house name "Höllmühlner".



Hotel Hölltaler Hof was built

At the location of our hotel was formerly a popular pasture . Only the largest of today's trout ponds was already present : the former pond of the mill. Even a small prophecy by a local clairvoyant  is preserved : " Where we once played in clover , there will be a ballroom and a cafe . " In 1966 the silence was over for a while: A pit was dug the hotel was built .

Family Vierling in Oberhöll

Since 1919 the estate in Oberhöll is now in possession of this branch of our family . With Jacob , Ludwig and Albert now the fifth generation is growing up . In a few years we can look back on one hundred years. This long tradition fills us with joy.