Immersed in nature

Welcome to the hotel Hölltaler Hof

The hotel is situated in the countryside on the outskirts of Weiden.

We are a family-run hotel (by the third generation) that combines nature, comfort and hospitality.

 Away from noise, traffic and hustle and bustle but surrounded by mixed forests, fields and meadows you can sleep calmly. It's an ideal place for business traveler, comfort vacationer and hiker. Please find time to look out of your window. It is worthwhile at any season and in any room.

Away from all the streets and yet well connected

Within 12 minutes you are on the highways A93 or A6 or at the station of Weiden. Only 5,5 km away there is the historic old town of Weiden i.d. Opf. Even otherwise deceptive seclusion: cable TV and a fast internet access via Wireless LAN (for free!).

We offer a large house parking - free of charge and suitable also for buses and trucks.

Our "bulldozer" in action.
view from the window of No. 34

For requests, bookings or reservation send an email to:

Hotel Hölltaler Hof
Familie Vierling

Oberhöll 2
92637 Weiden

Tel. 0961/4 70 39 40

Email: info(at)

Hier sehen Sie einen Spot mit Django Asül zur Kampagne:

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